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Latinas Nail Studio

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Latinas Nail Studio

Latinas Nail Studio is your best option to stay up to date in the nail industry with our personalized Nail Art classes and courses.                                                                

Located in the city of Anaheim between Lincoln and East st. 

Latinas Nail Studio is the perfect place to find quality nail products directly from Mexico and our sophisticated and exclusive brand of nail Brushes and acrylics.

Step inside and you’ll find out why everyone is talking about us.   


Latinas Nail Studio el mejor lugar para aprender las nuevas técnicas de ‎arte en uñas.


Ubicados en la cuidad de Anaheim. 

Latinas Nail Studio es el lugar perfecto para encontrar un amplio surtido en productos mexicanos y nuestra exclusiva marca de brochas y acrílicos.


If you interested in learning more about “Nail Art and Nail Designs”

Call Us at 714-222-7247

We have classes available.

Take the next step and contact us.

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